Z2P — From Zero to Podcasting in Two Days Flat

January 5, 2008

Z2P — Zero to Podcasting

This event, a two-day session that will be part of PodCamp Toronto 2008, will be especially interesting for those who are curious about podcasting and how to go about creating their own podcast. Even for experienced podcasters, there will be some useful opportunities to both learn from the experiences of others and to help others by sharing your own experiences.

Both yours truly and K (the actual* podcaster in the household, c.f. Purl Diving, Cinéfolle and Funky Eclectic) will be facilitating the “campfire talks / circle discussions” (more on what that means below…) that are part of the Z2P stream.

In addition to the campfire talks, there will be technical workshops (including some “hands-on” sessions) presented by Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche of the Canadian Podcast Buffet. Whether you’re a total noob wanting to know how to start podcasting or are already podcasting and want to improve your game, their workshops will have something for you.

Also bringing their podcasting experience to the campfire talks / circle discussions will be Sage Tyrtle of Quirky Nomads and the Scarborough Dude of DicksnJanes. The campfire talk / circle discussion format came out of PodCamp Ottawa that K and I attended last November. That PodCamp was organized by, among others, Bob and Mark; in turn, they had attended PodCamp Boston in October, where a spontaneous discussion group had formed in an open space — everyone just sat on the floor and was engaged in the discussion.

PodCamp Ottawa was built around that concept and it really does get everyone engaged; lots of ideas were exchanged and I don’t think anyone went away without having learnt at least one new thing.

After hearing from a number of people in Ottawa who were interested in starting a podcast or who had started one but were struggling with some of the issues (a common theme being “everyone says it’s so easy to podcast but I can’t figure out how to…”), K and I had decided to contribute a session to PodCamp Toronto based on the circle discussion format that would bring together some experienced podcasters with those wanting to start podcasting or newcomers wanting help getting up the learning curve.

We ended up contacting Mark about citing PodCamp Ottawa as the inspiration for the session and format, and that’s where two good ideas collided to spawn an even better one.

It turned out that Mark and Bob had been putting together a workshop to address some of the same issues from a technical perspective, and we all realized the synergy of putting the two together would result in a really amazing opportunity to help grow the podcasting community.

Since the objective of the session was to give a newcomer the knowledge to quickly get up the initial learning curve and actually get a podcast produced and published to the web, I suggested calling it “Zero to Podcasting”, borrowing from my gearhead lexicon (as in “going 0 to 60 MPH in nothing flat”) — shortening it to Z2P seemed like A Good Thing (from a typing point of view, anyway…).

So, if you’re in the Toronto area, or are going to be there around the weekend of February 23rd-24th, 2008, and are interested in podcasting and other forms of new media, I think it would be well worth your time to check out Z2P at PodCamp Toronto 2008.

If you’re not able to attend, don’t despair — the Z2P sessions are going to be videoed and made available for download after the event.

Also, if you’re already a podcaster (er, I suppose it would be helpful if you were in the Toronto area and/or already planning to attend PodCamp Toronto) and would like to share your experiences about getting into podcasting, please consider participating in some of the campfire talks / circle discussions — we’d be glad to have you!  If you’d like to be a part of Z2P, let me know by leaving a comment below.

* OK, so I have appeared occasionally in front of the mic on a podcast or two… both for K and Sage.  But given my rather unremarkable voice and lack of creative writing ability, I think it best if for the most part I just stick to audio editing/production, uploading files and other techy activities.