Oops! She did it again…

September 18, 2007

Launched a podcast, that is.

K, my wife, has created another podcast to add to the first two (Cinéfolle, her movie-ish podcast, and Purl Diving, her “knitter’s pillow-book” podcast). The new one is a music podcast, essentially playlists assembled from the podsafe music she’s not found a place for in the other podcasts.

For Cinéfolle and Purl Diving, she takes great pains to select pieces of music that go with the theme of each episode, and in the process listens to and rejects a lot of music before finding Just Exactly The Right Piece Of Music to match. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the ones that don’t get used, but she usually only uses one or two per episode which means they don’t get used up very quickly.

Hence the new podcast. She’s aiming for about 30 minutes of music (mainly, with a little bit of chat as well as the attributions required to comply with the terms of the podsafe music’s license) which will help use up the excess inventory of podsafe music piling up in our iTunes warehouse.

As well, K is doing a lot more of the techie type stuff on this one — for the first episode I largely just guided her through the editing and mixing process in Audacity, rather than doing the post-production myself. I still do most of the gnarly under-the-hood stuff such as getting the ID3 tags all set up on the MP3 file, uploading it to the Internet Archive where the files are hosted and so on.

So, you say, what’s it called? Well, K was struggling to come up with a suitable name for it — everything she even remotely liked was either already being used for a blog or podcast, or the domain name had already been registered. Stumped, she asked me to describe her musical taste in two words, to which I replied “Funky and eclectic!” — so, without further ado I would like to introduce you to the Funky Eclectic podcast.

Funky Eclectic banner

You’ll find an “About” page on the shownotes site which gives a little more background.

There are a few sites worthy of being LinkedOut here in reference to the podcast’s genesis: Bob Goyetche, who produces the Mostly Tunes music podcast (see the podcast’s About page for more about his part in getting this off the ground); Chris Sherry who produces the most excellent, awesomely funny Kaflooey podcast which also features some amazing music; the Podcasters Across Borders 2007 event that we attended — it was an amazing experience and we’re looking forward to attending PAB2008 next June. Another excellent music podcast is Marvin Suicide, which is temporarily on hiatus (although earlier episodes remain available, thankfully) — hurry back, Marvin. Some non-music podcasters deserve kudos as well: Bruce Murray (the nicest guy in podcasting) of The Zedcast and Mark Blevis of Electric Sky (and along with the previously mentioned Bob Goyetche, co-host of The Canadian Podcast Buffet).

Oh, and the title of this post? A musical play on words, as it were, from the Britney Spears song Oops! I Did It Again…

And speaking of Britney: I heard about her latest gaffe the other day from my favourite morning radio personality, Maureen Holloway, who described Britney’s most recent (N0. 5 or so in an apparently unlimited series, no rush to collect these…) panty-less photo taken while exiting from a limo while out on the town after the recent MTV Video Music Awards as “being photographed in full Hello Kitty mode!”

OK, so that was Really Just A Shameless Attempt at getting lots of hits from Google searches to help get Funky Eclectic launched. My bad


LinkedOut Redux

May 16, 2007

I’m adding another blog to the Thoughtful Grotto, one that I read from time to time. It’s called Walt Now and is written by Walt Jaschek, who’s a Cleo® award winning advertising copywriter; I’ve mentioned his blog previously when I referred to it in a post about The Great Baked Tostitos® Bite-sized Triangle Mystery.

I enjoy reading his blog, he’s clearly the kind of person you would enjoy conversing with at a cocktail party; intelligent, well read, witty — just like me, except with a moustache 😉


Coal-fired, Steam-powered Social Networking

April 22, 2007

If you read my earlier post Unconventional Nexus, you’ll have seen me mention the old-style BBS run by my friend Don, which I described as “coal-fired, steam-powered social networking” (think of it as “Web 0.0001”).

In that post, I held off revealing the “secret handshake” needed to gain entrance to Sibyl, as the BBS is named (after the oracle Sibyl — as in the prophetess/soothsayer, not the RDBMS software).  Don read the post and left a comment, in which he gave out the “decoder ring” to access Sibyl: telnet://vatic.com:51641 (you’ll find a link under the Friends & Family rubric in the sidebar).

Now, for those of you accustomed to GUI interfaces, be warned: the link above will probably attempt to start up whatever “terminal” program your browser is configured to use by default (on a Windows PC, likely the Hyperterm program; on a Mac, it should run the aptly named Terminal program; Linux and similar OSes, um, well if you’re using these you probably know what I’m talking about…).  As an alternative to clicking the link in a browser, you can just fire up (there’s the coal-fired, steam-powered analogy again) your favourite terminal program and connect to vatic.com on port 51641.

Once connected, you’ll be asked for your name (User ID); this will be where you can register as a user.  Follow the prompts and you should be good to go.

Just don’t expect any fancy graphics, or other amenities — this is a purely character-based system, running on an old but adequate-for-the-task PC from the days when you could actually run things on 640K of memory.

There are lots of old posts in the various sections (each labelled with the name from the Pantheon of Greek gods/goddesses) that you can read; sort of a time capsule from the end of the last millennium.  There are some recent posts too, but truthfully there hasn’t been a lot of traffic since Don resurrected Sibyl; perhaps this post will change that as new members flood in…

So, if you’re interested in seeing How Real Men And Women Computed on one of the few remaining coal-fired, steam-powered social networks still in captivity, just drop by Sibyl and consult with the oracles.


April 17, 2007

I’ve added a few new links to the sidebar, one under the Friends & Family rubric and the other under a new one The Thoughtful Grotto.

The first is the Knitterguy blog of Ted, who I know through K (the spousal unit 😉 — you can see her blogging/podcasting efforts under the Wabi Sabi Universe rubric in the sidebar) — they know each other through their shared interest in the fibre arts.

Ted’s currently working in the employment counselling arena and has provided me some useful tips and suggestions for my job search — thanks, Ted! Even if you’re not particularly “fibre-ey”, his writing is still interesting and worth a look.

The second is the Solent Dreams blog of Alex, who has left a couple of comments here at Unconventional Wisdom. He’s also conducting a job search, although in his case it’s as a result of a personal choice (read about it here) rather than forced by Circumstances Beyond Control (i.e. a company re-org in my case — or as I like to call it “the executive-management musical chairs game”; when the music stopped, my chair was no longer there…).

His posts and comments are thoughtful, which has led me to create a new category in the sidebar for links to places on the web that are havens for quiet reflection: The Thoughtful Grotto.

And then there’s the Angry 365 Days a Year blog by “Mr. Angry” from Down Under (as in Oz, mate…). About this blog: I turned it up while searching for some information on the relationship between contract rates vs “permanent employee” (is that an oxymoron these days?) rates — I had an inquiry from a recruiting firm about a 6-month contract position and they wanted to know what hourly rate I expected; not having done contract work for some time, I wasn’t sure what would be appropriate so I did a little research before answering.

So, Mr. Angry’s blog turned up in the search; he posts fairly often about work. He’s in the IT field and works as a contractor, which is how he ended up in the search results. His information about contracting was interesting and useful in helping me come up with a response to the recruiter’s question (BTW the opportunity did not materialize into a contract, unfortunately).

Beyond that, I have found him to be an intelligent and thoughtful blogger — but be advised that true to his stated persona, his posts often do reflect a degree of anger, not to mention “explicit language”. For me, that’s no big deal — though I don’t generally use that sort of language in a public forum, those who know me can attest that I have no problem using it in conversation.

For the moment, I’ll put his blog in The Thoughtful Grotto — I’m thinking of adding another category for links that might suit this and others, but haven’t quite made up my mind about it yet.

BTW if you’ve left a comment to any of my posts, but haven’t seen it appear — I’m not ignoring you; it’s possible that it was eaten by the Akismet comment anti-spam filter that WordPress.com uses, as related in their support blog.

Thanks go to Solent Dreams for noting this on his blog, which alerted me to the problem — I did notice that Akisment claimed to have dealt with 6 spam comments, although I hadn’t seen anything quarantined so it’s possible that some comments were eaten as false-positives. I had one real spam caught, but now I’m concerned that some bona fide comments may have disappeared into the void…