Headlines that make you realize even the greatest minds of our time can have an off day

October 14, 2009

Sir Tim Berners- Lee (no relation, that I know of anyway) is reported in an article on the BBC News website to have apologized for designing the structure of the now ubiquitous web address to have two slashes after the colon — you know, “http://”

Berners-Lee ‘sorry’ for slashes

Berners-Lee ‘sorry’ for slashes


Headlines that are enough to make your hair curl

July 23, 2009

Saw the following headline on the BBC News website:

Theft dismays Australia curlers

Which serves to highlight the fundamental difference between The Land Down Under and The Great White North:

“Police say the thieves probably thought they were taking a lorry full of alcohol from a secure car park at an ice rink.”

“They might be valuable… but that won’t do you any good. They could sell them to the Canadians, but they’ve got their own rocks.”

Yes, we do have lots of them… which is why:

“Australia is currently ranked 12th in the world for men’s curling. Canada is ranked 1st, with Scotland 2nd.”

Headlines that make you crave 김치 (kimchi)

July 2, 2009

Better diplomacy through food… saw the following headline on the BBC News website:

Spare rib diplomacy in Pyongyang

Which of course brought to mind Korean Barbecue, and to go with it, naturally, some kimchi on the side.

And speaking of unusual ways to get closer to a notably closed country like North Korea, Jesse Brown interviewed Curtis Melvin on a recent episode of the Search Engine podcast on TVO in which they spoke about how Curtis and a network of contributors has created “the most authoritative map of North Korea on Google Earth

Headlines that make you go Strewth!

June 25, 2009

An interesting tidbit on the BBC News website from Down Under:

Stoned wallabies make crop circles

And I will let the article stand, er, walk unsteadily, that is, on its own with no further comment.

Because a mime is a terrible thing to waste

May 27, 2009

So the headline on the BBC News website‘s RSS feed read:

Marcel Marceau debt auction ends

And the first thing that popped into my head was: I wonder if it was a silent auction?

Headlines that make you hold your nose while smiling

April 18, 2009

OK, so this headline showed up in my BBC News website feed (I have it bookmarked in Firefox as a Live Bookmark):

Tasmania’s wombat poo paper a hit

What sort of comment could I possibly make that would do justice to this headline?  None, I’ve tried and can’t even begin.  Oh, well…

Headlines that show just how little we have evolved

April 7, 2009

From the BBC News website, this report in the Science & Environment section about research by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (part of the Max Planck Society, named for German Physicist Max Planck) was headlined:

Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex

In the article, researcher Dr Cristina Gomes is quoted as saying:

Dr Gomes thinks that her findings could even provide clues about human evolution.

She suggests this study could lay the foundations for human studies exploring the link between “good hunting skills and reproductive success”.

“This has got me really interested in humans,” she said. “I’m thinking of moving on to working with hunter-gatherers.”

Methinks she needs to get out more often…