April 21, 2011

This will be a short* post for the A-Z Blogging Challenge, which is now up to the letter “R” – as in racing; more specifically motor-racing, and even yet more specifically Formula One (F1) racing.

If you’ve been following my blog, you should have realized by now that I’m a gearhead – a somewhat conflicted one at that, but nonetheless still passionate about cars and making them go fast.  And that can be fast in a relative sense – there are plenty of racing series for cars with modest speed potential that make up for it with close competition and dramatic action, with the objective to be faster than the next person rather than just fast (or slow).

Anyway, if you follow F1, you’ll know that they’ve tinkered with some of the rules and other aspects of the sport in order to increase the number of opportunities for passing – which is, in principle, Not Such A Bad Thing since passing is all about Being Faster Than The Other Bloke.

Some of the changes they’ve made seem though, to me anyway, a bit of a kluge, but I have to admit the results of the first few F1 races this season tend to indicate that There’s Something To This – despite Sebastian Vettel having more or less pwned his rivals at all three races to date and looking likely to retain his position as world driving champion, there has been some exciting racing going on.

And if you don’t follow F1 but are interested in finding out a bit more about it, can I suggest you take a look at either the BBC Sports F1 site or the ESPN F1 site?  Each has qualities to recommend it (as well as a few warts, but nothing evil enough for me to want to dissuade you from checking them out – after all, YMMV) so do have a look at them both.

Short because I’m a bit knackered tonight due to having had to make a quick – as in: I left a little after noon on Tuesday, returned home noon on Thursday – trip across 3 time zones and back for a job interview.