OK, this post for the A-Z Blogging Challenge is a bit self-serving, for several reasons: due to an upcoming bit of travel, I am writing this in advance, then scheduling it to publish on the appropriate day for the letter “Q”; as well, it will be a brief post, relying mainly on linking to the QN Podcast, formerly known as Quirky Nomads; and finally, it’s self-serving because I have done some voice-acting for Sage Tyrtle, the writer/producer of the QN Podcast, so it’s a bit of horn-tooting for me.

So go check out her work on the podcast’s website or subscribe to it in iTunes – you may not find all of the episodes to be your cup of tea, but it’s definitely worth listening to, as many episodes are absolute gems.  Er, just be warned that it frequently heads into NSFW and NSFC territory, so do listen to it in appropriate circumstances and surroundings.

And if you’re listening through headphones/earbuds, you may find people staring at you oddly – don’t worry, it’s probably just because you’re laughing out loud (but to be fair, not all of what’s on QN is humourous – Sage mixes it up and pulls on your heartstrings too, so it could also be that people are wondering why you’ve got a tear in your eye…)

By the way, if you’re interested in becoming one of Sage’s minions (um, voice-actors) you can check out how to audition on the website.


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