Right off the bat, this is not going to be a rant about any of the many kinds of human jerks we all run across from time to time – I’d say “You know who you are!” but in fact there’d be no point, as one of the defining characteristics of the jerk is that they are immune to the realization that their behaviour is obnoxious and alienating to good folks like you and me*.

The kind of jerk that actually came to mind when I was casting about for a “J” word as the subject for today’s A-Z Blogging Challenge is the one widely used in Jamaican cuisine: jerk spice.

And specifically, I’d like to give a shoutout to Ellison’s Bistro, a Kitchener, Ontario restaurant which features Caribbean cooking and which I can highly recommend.  I’ve had lunch there a couple of times, and had the Jerk burger which the chef and owner, Elvis Ellison, sometimes offers as a lunch special.  It’s terrific! Well, it is if you enjoy spicy food – if not, though, there are lots of other choices on the menu.

It’s been a while since I was last there, so you’ll want to check with the restaurant in advance to find out if it’s on the day’s menu if that’s what you’re interested in having, but whatever you order, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – the people I’ve been there with ordered a variety of dishes and all were satisfied with their meals.  And you can check out some reviews at Restaurantica, where it gets 4.3/5 stars.

In addition to the wonderful cuisine there, the atmosphere is unique and charming – in large part because the engaging and personable Elvis loves to come out of the kitchen and make his guests feel at home.

So if you happen to be in downtown Kitchener and are looking for a great meal in a cozy setting, I heartily suggest you give Ellison’s Bistro a try.

* Not wanting to be guilty of hubris, I hereby offer a mea culpa to any and all towards whom I may have at some time been a jerk towards.  I don’t believe that’s happened very often (at least I’m hoping that’s so), but then a true jerk never realizes they are one so it’s entirely possible that I am and just don’t know it.


2 Responses to Jerk

  1. And here I was about to get all about, hey who you callin a … mmmm jerk so tasty…and fresh ginger beer…mmmm…Irie, it’s irie, Yah champion, mi key…

    Er something like that…


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