Today’s post for the A-Z Blogging Challenge has been inspired (well, if that can be said of something which is, to me, depressingly bad for the future of my country) by the federal election we Canadians presently find ourselves in the midst of.

And the dunce for who this post tolls? Why, how nice of you to ask – it’s Stephen Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

But I might well have also used Duplicitous as the title for this entry, since that’s one of the most striking of Mr. Harper’s traits which has marked his time as dictator Prime Minister.  Seldom have we seen a politician who so deliberately twists the narrative to suit his own Machiavellian goal of ruling the country with absolute power to implement policies according to his ideological biases.

To be fair – full disclosure: politically, I’m a centre to left-of-centre type.  I am happy to pay my taxes in return for the social services it pays for – even those services I may not use directly, but which I benefit from in the form of a more stable and humane society in which to live.  Sure, I would prefer that government use those taxes as efficiently as possible, so that they can be kept low without the artifice of cutting back the delivery of those services, but I’ve had to call on the social safety net on occasion and can tell you that without it… well, it would not have been a pretty picture.

It bothers me to see that, more and more, compassion seems to be viewed as a sign of weakness – well, except when it takes no more effort or resources than clicking the “Like” or “+1” next to the cause-of-the-moment.

Now some right-wing pundits have been saying “Oh, don’t worry – when Harper gets his majority, he will continue to govern the way he has; sticking to a steady course with incremental changes.”  I fear that I do not share their faith in Mr. Harper – I fully expect that if he wins a majority, like some space alien in a movie he’ll peel off a false-face and reveal his true self.  And people will be shocked by the changes he will ramrod through parliament, to be rubber-stamped by a Senate stuffed with CPC-friendly appointees and a lapdog Governor General – all of our traditional checks-and-balances have been sadly eroded.

In the end, if the Canadian public, either through apathy or gullibility, do give Stephen Harper and the CPC a majority government this time, perhaps they will be the dunces.


One Response to Dunce

  1. Moe says:

    Well said, Rob. I suspect there’ll be more posts on the subject before this ride is done. In fact, I’ve already got mine scheduled for tomorrow: E = Elections … But yours def hits it out of the park: Harper is scary he is blindly partisan…


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