Two, Count ‘Em, Two Headlines That Make You Smile

Well, at least one of them makes me smile.  The other one, it makes me wonder about the people they have writing this stuff for the BBC News website.

Headline #1: “Hero in underpants tackles a ‘roo

Oh, come on, you have to smile at that! Maybe even chuckle out loud…

Headline #2: “Oily fish dementia boosts queried

Now that one simply boggles the mind.  I have this image of some halucinating lounge-fish… cheering for people who’ve been interrogated, perhaps?

Turns out the article is about a new study which calls into question previous claims that the consumption of types of fish which are high in oils containing omega-3 fatty acids leads to an improvement in cognitive function.  So the headline writer has distilled that down to “oily fish” (which on its own is reasonably straightforward, I suppose) and the claims that they are supposed to provide “dementia boosts” (OK, that actually sounds a bit opposite of what it’s supposed to mean — it reads to me like it increases dementia…) are being “queried” (called into question…)

Probably written by an escapee from a British tabloid newspaper…


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