Headlines that make you smile inscrutably

December 31, 2008

So the BBC News site serves up the following headline to me via the Firefox live bookmark I have pointing to their RSS feed:

China finds major dinosaur site

Um, yeah… that’s the Politburo, right? 🙂

Have a Happy (Non-Lunar, have to wait til January 26th for that…) New Year!


I am a snorathelete

December 16, 2008

Yet another BBC News headline — this time it’s personal…

Heavy snorers ‘burn more energy’

Yes, if there were snorlympics, I’d be in medal contention for sure…

If beaked whales had email…

December 16, 2008

…would they get teeth enlargement spam?

BBC News reports that “Whales’ teeth are aid to mating“.

It’s an interesting article, despite my slightly flippant comment about spam — although I felt sorry for the beaked whale when Scott Baker, associate director of the Marine Mammal Institute at Oregon State University in the US, was quoted in the article as saying “Beaked whales are among the least known, least understood and, frankly, most bizarre whales in the ocean.”

Bizarre?  Compared to a species that creates the internet and then uses it to send enlargement spam?  Sort of the kettle calling the pot black, no?

Been there, seen that

December 14, 2008

Another headline from the BBC News feed caught my eye, this time only because of my “French Connection” — having lived and worked in France for 4 years while at previous job, I have a continued interest in things to do with France (and French-speaking cultures elsewhere, comme notre Belle Province de Québec).

So, the headline was: A curiously French complaint

And having lived there and dealing with the French medical system, I can attest to the truth of what the article’s author has written about the propensity to dole out pills and potions at the drop of a chapeau.

To be fair, though, both K and I did receive excellent medical care while there — we had a wonderful physician, Dr. C-A Pigeot, as well as excellent para-medical practitioners (a chiropractor and an osteopath, in particular).

As well, in addition to jambes lourdes or “heavy legs” being a common and largely French condition, the French also seem to have a near-pathological aversion to drafts or courants d’air, to which all sorts of maladies are attributed.

Ah, well… vive la différence.

Headlines that make you hungry, after they make you smile

December 14, 2008

OK, this one from BBC News just caught my eye, and it’s just too good to pass up:

US man uses pizza in self-defence

What next, pepperoni spray? 🙂

Three-for-Three, A Hat Trick And All That

December 10, 2008

Another marvellous BBC News headline to bring a smile to your lips (and a bit of indigestion to your gut):

Lard day’s work – sculptures made from fat by army chefs

OK, so the actual headline when you get to the page is “Chefs’ award for lard sculptures”, but the one above is what showed up in my Firefox live bookmark.

I’m sure the British people are resting much easier knowing that their fair land is well guarded…

We’re on a roll this week — thank you, BBC News for another headline that makes you… wonder

December 9, 2008

OK, another headline from the BBC News site that’s just too good to pass by:

Chinese girl gets ‘kiss of deaf’

I don’t make ’em up, folks, I just reports ’em…