PAB2008 – Caution: Podcasting Conferences In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

June 10, 2008

Yikes! Less than a couple of weeks away now…

PAB2008 will be our second time attending Podcasters Across Borders, a podcasting conference organized by Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis of the Canadian Podcast Buffet (not to mention several other excellent podcasts — check them out, along with their fine stablemates at the Rogic Podcast Conglomerate), with plenty of help of their better halves, Cat and Andrea.

Now, I’m technically not a podcaster — OK, I do contribute occasionally to podcasts: I’ve turned up on some episodes of K‘s podcasts, I’ve done some voice work for Sage Tyrtle on QN (latterly Quirky Nomads) and have participated in the inspired (and inspiring) ensemblecast The Talking Stick which Todd Tyrtle has recently launched. And I do usually have a hand in the production of K’s podcasts, but really, I’m not a podcaster per se.

I mean, based how sporadic my blog posts are, you’d be listening to one, maybe two podcast episodes a year… if that.

But I do enjoy contributing, I very much enjoy the production side of podcasting but most of all I enjoy the people whom I’ve met and gotten to know through podcasting.

And the relationships, the participation in the community that we’ve become a part of, in large part through attending PAB2007 last year, are sustained between in-person meetups by the vast array of social media tools and internet connectivity — twitter, FaceBook, blogs, email, Skype, webmeetings et al.

Damn, we live in interesting times…