IED in the oven

Bit of a scare today — while K was making dinner, her trusty Pyrex® baking dish became an IED. Here are a few photos of the aftermath:

Like walkin’ on broken glass (with apologies to Annie Lennox)

Helluva mess.

Box o’ glass.

Here’s what had been roasting in the dish:

carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions.

Sigh… would have been a great dinner, there was a roast chicken from the grocery store to go with the roast veg (you may not be able to tell from the photo, but there were potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and onions) and as well K was baking a lovely acorn squash. More on the squash in a bit…

When I got home, the oven had cooled enough that we could clean up a bit — enough for K to throw together a quickie soup made from slices of the chicken added to some store bought broth with some pucks of Chinese noodles simmered a few minutes to soften them through. A few seasonings and it turned out to be tasty and filling, if not as good as the planned meal would have been.

I decided to Google for “exploding pyrex” just to see if her experience was unusual or not. Judging from the results, apparently not. I looked at one site in particular,, which had an article titled “Pyrex Panic” — it certainly had been for K.

The truly amazing thing in the article is the attitude of the VP from the parent company of Pyrex®, who said in a letter to

“We want to assure you that neither PYREX glass bakeware nor other glass bakeware ‘explodes.’ Glass does not explode but it can break. As glass bonds break, people may hear a noise and be surprised.”

Now, remember the squash I mentioned above? It was baking in the oven at the same time as the veg; both were in 9″x13″ baking pans/dishes — the squash, halved, was sitting in a metal pan and, well, you know what the veg were in.

The Pyrex® dish was on the lower rack and the squash in the metal pan were above them on the upper rack. And we had to pitch the squash in the recycle along with all the veg from the broken dish — a complete waste of good food and hard earned grocery money (we’re still getting back on our feet financially after my recently ended bout of unemployment, so wasting money is especially grating; you can read about my Adventures in Job Search Land in the archives).

Oh, and the reason why the squash had to be tossed as well? There was at least one piece of glass in the bottom of the metal baking pan, and no way to tell if there were any more lurking inside the squash. Do ya’ feel lucky, punk? Only wish I’d had the presence of mind to photograph that too… I blame it on the stress (and mine was fairly minimal compared to K’s, who had been steadying the dish with one hand — gotta love those Ove Gloves — while stirring the veg around with a plastic cooking spoon when it broke — it pretty much scared the… <insert your favourite expression for what gets scared out of you at times like these> out of her, and the fingers on the hand that was holding the dish are aching)

So, if Pyrex® doesn’t explode, I’d like that VP to explain to me just exactly when they managed to perfect teleportation


5 Responses to IED in the oven

  1. Mark says:

    Excuse me. The Pyrex dude says that glass dish didn’t explode?

    Its’ terrible that Katherine had that happen to her. I’m so relieved that she didn’t get badly injured. It could have been a real catastrophe.

    I hope the holidays are good to both of you and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys, again, soon.

  2. Ted says:

    So if the pan didn’t “explode” did it “shatter”?

    It really surprises me how much energy the company seems to be putting into defining “explode”, rather than simply saying that the pan broke and here’s a $200US gift certificate from Amazon.

    Mind you, I guess if they gave a gift certificate they’d be implying liability, or something.

  3. Fr. Matthew says:

    This evening the cook at our rectory placed our 13×9 pyrex baking pan in the oven to cook some boneless pork ribs. A few minutes later there was a loud BOOM from the oven. There were shards of glass and ruined pork all over the oven. Pyrex doesn’t explode?????? I’m sorry, but it does. Cracking does not go BOOM. Nor does shattering of the glass send pork ribs up, down, and sideways.

  4. David says:

    It really did explode !

    Had it in the oven for only 30 minutes opened the door and bang, it really did explode and send glass all over the kitchen, thank god I was not looking into the oven when it went off

  5. Cidalia says:

    Not sure how I came across the whole topic of exploding Pyrex, but it’s scary. Apparently the biggest risk is with Pyrex made from 1998 onward after World Kitchens took over the manufacturing of Pyrex from Corning. They stopped using borosilicate glass, and now use tempered soda lime glass (except in their Pyrex laboratory glassware… hmmm…). And I agree that the whole argument that glass doesn’t explode is ludicrous. An explosion means that something burst violently. Glass simply breaking would fall downward, thanks to gravity, whereas in an explosion, the broken pieces fly violently outward. People are stupid. Of course, there are precautions to be taken with sudden temperature changes, but in a lot of the stories I read, there was no sudden temperature change.

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