Headlines that make you wince…

… and cross your legs.

Well, if you’re a guy, anyway.  Saw this headline on the BBC News website’s RSS feed today: “Testicle stem cell harvest plan”.

Apparently they’ve found in research on mice (very, very, very unhappy mice I’ll wager…) that they can get stem cells from testicles, which then ‘do not need to be genetically “tweaked” to behave more like embryonic stem cells, unlike other “adult stem cells” found elsewhere in the body‘.

The article ends with a quote from stem cell researcher Professor Colin McGuckin:

At present, there is an awful lot of interest in this from veterinary circles as a source of stem cells for animal use.

I can see more problems getting humans to agree to have this done, as it would be a very painful procedure to have them extracted.

And the Nobel Prize for understatement goes to…


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