Oops! She did it again…

Launched a podcast, that is.

K, my wife, has created another podcast to add to the first two (Cinéfolle, her movie-ish podcast, and Purl Diving, her “knitter’s pillow-book” podcast). The new one is a music podcast, essentially playlists assembled from the podsafe music she’s not found a place for in the other podcasts.

For Cinéfolle and Purl Diving, she takes great pains to select pieces of music that go with the theme of each episode, and in the process listens to and rejects a lot of music before finding Just Exactly The Right Piece Of Music to match. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the ones that don’t get used, but she usually only uses one or two per episode which means they don’t get used up very quickly.

Hence the new podcast. She’s aiming for about 30 minutes of music (mainly, with a little bit of chat as well as the attributions required to comply with the terms of the podsafe music’s license) which will help use up the excess inventory of podsafe music piling up in our iTunes warehouse.

As well, K is doing a lot more of the techie type stuff on this one — for the first episode I largely just guided her through the editing and mixing process in Audacity, rather than doing the post-production myself. I still do most of the gnarly under-the-hood stuff such as getting the ID3 tags all set up on the MP3 file, uploading it to the Internet Archive where the files are hosted and so on.

So, you say, what’s it called? Well, K was struggling to come up with a suitable name for it — everything she even remotely liked was either already being used for a blog or podcast, or the domain name had already been registered. Stumped, she asked me to describe her musical taste in two words, to which I replied “Funky and eclectic!” — so, without further ado I would like to introduce you to the Funky Eclectic podcast.

Funky Eclectic banner

You’ll find an “About” page on the shownotes site which gives a little more background.

There are a few sites worthy of being LinkedOut here in reference to the podcast’s genesis: Bob Goyetche, who produces the Mostly Tunes music podcast (see the podcast’s About page for more about his part in getting this off the ground); Chris Sherry who produces the most excellent, awesomely funny Kaflooey podcast which also features some amazing music; the Podcasters Across Borders 2007 event that we attended — it was an amazing experience and we’re looking forward to attending PAB2008 next June. Another excellent music podcast is Marvin Suicide, which is temporarily on hiatus (although earlier episodes remain available, thankfully) — hurry back, Marvin. Some non-music podcasters deserve kudos as well: Bruce Murray (the nicest guy in podcasting) of The Zedcast and Mark Blevis of Electric Sky (and along with the previously mentioned Bob Goyetche, co-host of The Canadian Podcast Buffet).

Oh, and the title of this post? A musical play on words, as it were, from the Britney Spears song Oops! I Did It Again…

And speaking of Britney: I heard about her latest gaffe the other day from my favourite morning radio personality, Maureen Holloway, who described Britney’s most recent (N0. 5 or so in an apparently unlimited series, no rush to collect these…) panty-less photo taken while exiting from a limo while out on the town after the recent MTV Video Music Awards as “being photographed in full Hello Kitty mode!”

OK, so that was Really Just A Shameless Attempt at getting lots of hits from Google searches to help get Funky Eclectic launched. My bad


3 Responses to Oops! She did it again…

  1. podcastjunky says:

    2 evenings ago I subscribed to Purl Diving… going to review it at my blog shortly. Also subscribed to a podcast about knitting for men… nope… I don’t knit, but I reckon it might be of interest to others… another I’m going to review.

  2. Rob says:


    While a large number of people who listen to K’s Purl Diving podcast are knitters (for obvious reasons), she’s attracted what she finds is a surprising number of listeners who tell her “I don’t knit and don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about most of the time — but I love the way you talk about it.”

    She’s had similar comments about her Cinéfolle movie podcast too: “I don’t know most of the people (actors, directors and so on) or films you talk about, but I just love the way you talk about them!”

    I think some of the reasons for this reaction is (apart from her having a nice voice) are that her podcasts don’t fit the usual mould and that she conveys enthusiasm for whatever she’s talking about.

    For an example of the former, there’s an excellent knitting podcast (Cast-on by Brenda Dayne) that pretty much set the gold standard for the knitting podcast genre; there have been lots of others spring up that emulate her format but not nearly as well in most cases.

    K’s podcast, on the other hand, is pretty much orthogonal to Brenda’s format; she talks around knitting (if that makes sense), about how it fits in her life, her memories triggered by knitting events, but not about what she’s knitting at the moment. Ditto for the movie podcast — it’s not movie reviews, it’s more like a personal journal about how movies fit into her life, influence her appreciation of things and so on.

    Thanks for taking the time to review it!

    BTW K has been reading your blog, and getting lots of ideas for new podcasts to listen to — she says “Thanks!”

  3. therunningshoe says:

    I second that emotion! I am one of the non-knitters that you were talking about Rob, with eclectic tastes, that enjoys listening to Purl Diving/Cinefolle. I’ve never knitted anything but K makes the subjects interesting and fun. Thanks for the link-back Rob, and for keeping it all running as the indispensable “Tech Guy”. I’m definitely subscribed to Funky Eclectic- Bruce

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