Ouch… That’s *gotta* hurt.

I was listening to The Last Word today, Maureen Holloway‘s choice little island of wit and gossip in The Wasteland That Is Morning Talk Radio, when I heard about this, er, hot item.

Thank heavens I wasn’t drinking a cuppa’ joe in the car (driving is a serious occupation, IMNSHO, so I don’t often try to do other things at the same time) or I’d have had to stop to clean a gynormous spit-take off the inside of the windshield (er, make that windscreen, in honour of Mr. Ramsay‘s nationality).

And here I thought only race car drivers needed Nomex(TM) underwear…


3 Responses to Ouch… That’s *gotta* hurt.

  1. solentdreams says:

    Could’ve been worse… he could’ve been using the bacon slicer…

  2. Rob says:

    Oooooh… Gives me the willies (so to speak… 😉 ) just thinking about it, Alex.

    And it turns out it was just a load of bollocks anyway — apparently, Gordon Ramsay was just having a little fun with reporters. The followup story I heard said that he’d had “an ache” in that area and had gone to see a urologist about it; when the press got wind of the visit, him he concocted the story.

    Pity, I had been looking forward to a Christmas TV special with Ramsay singing “Chest, nuts roasting by an open fire…”

  3. solentdreams says:

    Brilliant!!!! 🙂 Just goes to show though how you can turn something quite mundane into good publicity to keep your brand in the spotlight.

    Hope you’re keeping well…

    … and kind regards as always.

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