What’s a month between friends…

OK, so Ted‘s nudged me. I haven’t posted in a while… almost a month.

And it’s not for lack of things I’ve been thinking about posting. There just doesn’t seem to be “enough days in an hour” to get to it as the act of expressing myself is something I take quite seriously.

Words and language — IMNSHO — are powerful things and need to be given appropriate attention and care. Which, for a someone like me with a strong perfectionist streak, means agonizing over every word, phrase and punctuation mark. I find it difficult to let anything I write out into public view that’s not well crafted. And craftsmanship takes time.

Life, since starting my new job (going very well, thanks… great company, great group of people and starting to feel like I’m now starting to make a real contribution), has been busy… not that I’m complaining, mind you.

It’s just made it more challenging to keep up with everything, blogging included.

Now, time to sign off for tonight — more soon. Really. No, really


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