Docudrama or Everyday Heroes Redux


Turns out the YouTube video I mentioned a couple of days ago, that I found via Bob Goyetche’s blog and The CatFish Show, was a hoax according to a CBC report on it.

However, according to the CBC item, the two men (Claude Landry and Martin Thibaudeau) responsible for the video:

…admitted Thursday they planned the whole thing to recreate an experience Landry had 15 years ago…

OK, so that means it’s not a hoax, it’s a docudrama!

And look at it in the perspective of technology: fifteen years ago, there were no cell phones with video cameras to record everyday moments and there was nothing like YouTube for sharing those videos; now, it hardly takes longer than 15 minutes for something to happen, hit the net, create a media storm and then become like, so yesterday already.

So, if the everyday hero originally acted at a time when only the people within arm’s length knew about it, does recreating and distributing it with today’s technology diminish the relevancy of the act?

I don’t really think it’s up to me to judge… but maybe if it inspires someone to be a little more socially responsible (or deters someone from being socially irresponsible), well, is that such a bad thing?


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