Everyday heroes

Now, I’m still undecided on whether or not some of the current Social Networking schemes are A Good Thing or not (I’m not even sure yet that I’m all that comfortable blogging…), but sometimes the power and immediacy of the technology that empowers these networks is undeniable.

What’s got me on to this tangent is a video on YouTube, one of those aforementioned social networking thingies, that shows off an everyday hero: someone who, quite literally, takes matters into hand to… well, watch the video — I’ve linked to the post on Bob Goyetche’s blog where I watched the video (I had, in turn, found the link to Bob’s post from the CatFish Show podcast’s blog — see over in the sidebar for a link; it’s well worth a listen).

The events unrolled in Montréal, in Québec where Bob lives, so the people in the video are speaking French — not a problem for me (après 4 ans de séjour en France, je suis bilingue, ou presque…) but even if you don’t understand French, the actions speak for themselves…

So, whatever you feel about the Social Networking trend — YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, Second Life and so on — maybe if it helps, even in a small way, to encourage Everyday Heroes to set a few small things right, they’re Not Such A Bad Thing After All.


4 Responses to Everyday heroes

  1. Cat says:

    Nice to be mentioned 🙂

    Sad to not be linked (in the post itself) 😦


  2. Rob says:

    D’ohh! Sorry Cat, I’ve fixed that — there’s a link to The CatFish Show now.


    Forgiven? 😉

  3. […] out the YouTube video I mentioned a couple of days ago, that I found via Bob Goyetche’s blog and The CatFish Show […]

  4. solentdreams says:

    I’m still not comfortable with blogging either 🙂 I don’t think I ever will be!

    Take care

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