Curriculum Vitae – Professional vs Personal Experience

I’ve been wondering how best to present the divergence (that may not be the right term, but I’m not sure how else to express it — suggestions welcomed, once you’ve read the post and see what I mean) between my personal and professional experience in my CV.

What I’m referring to is the fairly extensive personal experience I have with a lot of internet related technologies:

  • Web development, HTML and so on: right from hand-coding my wife’s first blog — back in the “dark ages” when blogging first climbed out of the primordial internet soup, before the appearance of the manifold blogging tools & hosted services — through to fine-tuning the look and feel of her current TypePad-hosted blogs using CSS.
  • Website management: uploading web pages, images and so on; managing files on hosted blogs.
  • Computer Graphics: bitmap/photo editing, vector drawings and so on in the production of logos, buttons and whatnots for the aforementioned blogs and web pages.  This is in addition to my professional experience with typical business graphics tools: MS Powerpoint, Visio, etc in the “Office” world, plus CAD drawing tools (CATIA 3D, AutoCad, etc) in the engineering world.
  • Podcasting: setting up a PC-based home recording system, which required researching & selecting appropriate hardware and software, purchasing and configuring everything, figuring out how to get good quality recordings and then teaching Katherine how to use it all to produce her podcasts.  I’ve developed some decent skills at editing the recorded audio and have become pretty knowledgeable about things like RSS feeds, XML and iTunes in the process.  You can check out the results at Katherine’s podcast and blog pages; links to them are in the sidebar under the “Wabi Sabi Universe” heading.  I can’t take credit for the writing, soothing voice or eclectic choice of music that seem to attract her listeners (that’s all to her credit), but the technical aspects of the sound quality, consistency in using the ID3 tags, and managing all the files and feeds — that’s me.
  • Blogging: hmm, come to think of it, there’s this blog.  And now I have some experience with WordPress, in addition to being very familiar with TypePad.  Perhaps it helps demonstrate my communications skills…

Of course, there are plenty of other areas of my personal experience that might be useful in some position — but how do you catalogue it all, without overloading the CV?

So, any thoughts or comments on your own experience with presenting personal experience in a professional CV will be welcomed.


2 Responses to Curriculum Vitae – Professional vs Personal Experience

  1. All of the above falls under the Web Design/Development heading – so why don’t you just have that for a heading and then subcategories to show your graphic, web, and technical abilities – you can condense the podcast part certainly.

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for the input, Joseph. I’ve been thinking of giving it a complete overhaul, so maybe I can use what you’ve suggested.


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