More on Craig’s Jefferson Airplane podcast (subtitle: Care and “Feeding” of Podcasts)

Well, it seems that although Craig managed to get his Jefferson Airplane podcast’s feed “off the ground” (so to speak 😉 ) and he now has some subscribers being reported by FeedBurner, there’s still a little problem that needs to be sorted out.

It seems that when he first asked people (not me…) about how to go about publicizing his podcast they told him to use FeedBurner to maximize the reach, but I think they failed to make it clear how the whole RSS feed thing works.

As a result, he’s ended up “burning” (creating — “burning” is their cute marketing term for it) multiple feeds on FeedBurner all linked to the source feed on his WordPress blog (you can find the link to his podcast over in the sidebar).  Apparently no one explained to him that once you create a FeedBurner feed that’s linked to a source feed, it will automagically be updated any time something new is added to the blog.

So the challenge now is to figure out how to consolidate the three FeedBurner feeds (he burned one for each episode that he’s put out so far) into a single one, without losing any of his subscribers.

I’ll let you know how it all works out…

In the mean time, if you’re a fan of the Jefferson Airplane, or of late-60’s rock in general, go check out his podcast.


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