What the heck? There’s someone out there reading this stuff?

Busted… looks like a few people have discovered my blogging efforts (according to the visitor stats WordPress supplies anyway), probably through Katherine’s knitting blog (where she mentioned this, um, thingy here), or maybe also from Craig’s Jefferson Airplane podcast site.

One thing to remember about my blog: it’ll always be worth just what you’ve paid for it. 😉

Still finding the editing page of WordPress a bit quirky, like how the backspace key seems to take out the space preceding a word when you make a correction by backspacing over the word. Not a bug, per se, just something that takes getting used to (BTW in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m really picky about human interface and user experience design — comes from having done software development In Another Life; you can bet that I made sure that I ironed out any quirkiness — or worked around as best I could any quirks inherent in the underlying system — before turning any code loose on the users).

Time to go for today. Started reading Sun Tzu‘s The Art of War, as an adjunct to my job hunting knowledge and I’d like to get back to it. I have recently picked up some useful job hunting stuff from The Smart Interviewer by “industrial psychologist” Bradford D. Smart; that’s what prompted me to read The Art of War (which is a notable omission from my knowledge base anyway, and is now being rectified).

If the connection’s not immediately clear to you, don’t worry… it has to do with knowing both your adversary and yourself, as counselled by Master Sun; time to find out what other tactics and strategies I can apply to the job hunt.

BTW I’d suggest it’s just a canny nom de plume to tie in neatly with the book title, but it seems he has a brother, Geoffrey H. Smart, who’s a Psychologist To The CEOs — they market stuff together under the topgrading® banner; no endorsement implied as I have some philosophical differences with some of the methods described in The Smart Interviewer, but it’s useful to know what you may be up against in an interview — so I suppose they really are a couple of Smart cookies…

I’m also reading Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters by Jay Conrad Levinson and David E. Perry, which was sent to me by a friend (thanks, Ted!) who works for a company that does employment counselling (erm, I think I have that right?).

Anyway, from it I’ve picked up some good pointers that have helped me refine my résumé a bit, and there are some other tactics that may be useful. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” book, though, but then I think that it’s not meant to be — it’s intended as a toolkit and you need to select the right tool for your situation. (PS to Ted, I still owe you some more thoughts on the book, take this as a down-payment…)

I’m finding that a lot of the tools don’t really apply to me, or my situation, or to the current hiring landscape — companies are relying more and more on internet-based application systems that seem to do an effective job of filtering out the best candidates (based on some feedback I’ve heard from some managers), and just getting the attention of a real live human being to even read that well crafted résumé is about as likely as winning the lottery…

Sigh… just when exactly did they decide to take the Human out of Human Resources? Oh, right, it was about the same time that Shareholder Value became the New Mantra of Business.

Sorry, did that last bit sound just a bit cranky? Um, but isn’t that why you came here in the first place 😉

OK, so now I’m really outta here for tonight…


2 Responses to What the heck? There’s someone out there reading this stuff?

  1. solentdreams says:

    Yep! I’m reading your blog too… and I’m job hunting too.

    Good luck in all your efforts.

    By the way, you might find “48 days to the work you love” a great help. They’re website is at http://www.48days.com – it’s also worth listening to the podcast they produce too.

    Kind regards

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks, Alex, for the encouragement.

    Best of luck to you in your job search — from what I’ve just read on your Solent Dreams blog, you’ve certainly embarked on quite an adventure, deciding it’s time to relocate and change jobs/careers.

    My situation, on the other hand, was precipitated by a management re-organization that eliminated my position, so the choice was made for me.

    Your Podcast Junky blog looks quite interesting too — especially as my wife is both a producer and avid consumer of podcasts.

    There are a few I like to listen too as well (though I seldom seem to have the time to keep up with them), but my main involvement has been as “The Tech Guy” behind her podcasts.



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