The Secret

OK, so I’ve been watching (somewhat bemusedly I must confess) this latest social phenomenon that is “The Secret“.

And I’ve decided that what I’m going to wish for is that the Universe (or whatever is the delivery mechanism behind “The Secret“) give me a free copy of the book and DVD.

There we go.  I’ll let you know when it all arrives…

BTW Katherine, my wife (you can check out her knitting blog & podcast, or her movie podcast — they’re listed in the sidebar under the “Wabi Sabi Universe” category), pointed out to me something called “Cosmic Ordering” that pre-dates “The Secret“.  Looks like “The Secret” is “Cosmic Ordering meets Solution Selling Techniques”.

Sigh.  Whatever happened to just working damned hard for what you wanted… without expecting it to be handed to you just because you want it (mentally insert sound of foot stamping and whining voice saying “But I’m entitled to it!”).


One Response to The Secret

  1. Your blog was linked to mine, The Secret really does work …

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