more on Craig’s podcast

Craig’s Jefferson Airplane podcast has made some progress. Following my recommendation, he renamed the audio file on his server so that the name didn’t contain any spaces. Once he linked to the new file on his blog, the WordPress software was able to correctly identify it as a media file and it created the appropriate XML <enclosure> tag in the RSS feed for his blog.

He was then able to successfully create a FeedBurner feed from the WP feed; the FB feed (I think, need to double check) was then accepted by the Podcast Alley directory. His podcast is listed there now — bravo, Craig, for sticking with it.

Next step will be to sort out the iTunes specific settings in FeedBurner to allow him to submit it to the iTunes Store’s podcast listings. He may need to wait until he’s got a few episodes up first; I think they may need to see more than one there before adding it to the listing.

Stay tuned for progress reports.


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