trying to help a budding podcaster

Craig seems to be a really nice guy. He’s written a book about the rock band Jefferson Airplane; he’s a former radio DJ, from what I can see so he knows his stuff about rock from that era (truth be told, it’s the same era of rock I grew up with…).

Anyway, he’s been trying to get a podcast set up — he’s recorded it; that’s easy for an old radio hand. Now, he’s struggling with the RSS setup in FeedBurner and is having trouble with getting it to the point that he can submit it to the various podcast directories like Podcast Alley.

He posted asking for help on the FeedBurner support forums, but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere — the suggestions others were making just didn’t seem to be working. I hate to see people struggle, so I chimed in and am in the process of diagnosing what’s causing the problem.

To that end, I’ve signed up for a WordPress blog, which is what Craig has for the podcast’s shownotes. I have lots of experience with TypePad blogs, my wife having been an early adopter with them, but not with WP.

So, here we go: this is a post to simulate a podcast episode entry on Craig’s blog so that I can see what happens with the XML generated by WP and then what FeedBurner will do with it — maybe I should have called this the Frankenblog…

Download the podcast

Shownotes will go here, below the link to the MP3 file on Craig’s website server.

OK, enough writing, time to see What Hath WordPress Wrought.


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